Worship Cluster Leader:  Bob Bartholomew  912-303-9070

The goal of Worship is to help create a prayerful community from the time a parishioner enters our Church, through his or her departure after the recessional hymn. All play a part the liturgical celebration, each in his or her own way.  As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “The Lord’s Supper is its center, for there the whole community of the faithful encounters the risen Lord who invites them to His banquet.” (1166)

Altar Servers:  Bobby Davis:  598-0623

Altar Servers  take an active part in divine worship within the Holy Sanctuary, assisting the Priest and tending to the altar. They are selected and appointed for their goodness, faithfulness, and dependability. Altar servers get to know our Lord Jesus Christ in a special way because of their close proximity to Him in the most Holy Eucharist. As they serve in the sacred space of the Sanctuary, they do so with dignity and simplicity, as transparent instruments of the Lord.

 Music Ministry:  Pam Haverland:  598-1047

Working with our music director and organist, Mrs. Helen Beddow, the Music Ministry provides spirit-filled music with a goal of leading the congregation in praise and worship of the Lord during the celebration of the liturgy.

The adult choir provides music at the Sunday 9:00 a.m. Mass, Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter liturgies. The children’s choir and middle school choir provide music for all school Masses and other liturgical services. A cantering program is in place for all Masses. Emphasis is being placed on training choir members from the middle school choir and the children’s choir to become
liturgical musicians for the future of our Church.

Hymn-singing is one of the oldest forms of prayer known in either Judaism or Christianity. If you enjoy singing, come and join us. As extra motivation, recall the words of St. Augustine, “Who Sings Prays Twice!”

Eucharistic Ministers:  Valerie McGrath:  351-9319

Eucharistic Ministers have the very special privilege of reverently distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to their fellow parishioners at Mass. Ministers receive their schedules every other month and are personally responsible to arrange for a replacement if unable to assist at Mass. Parishioners interested in this ministry are asked to discuss their interest with our pastor.

Lectors:  Susan Dischner:  598-7288

Lectors proclaim the Holy Word by reading the Church’s selections from      the Bible at weekday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses, and other celebrations during the year They serve God by communicating his words to the parish community. Schedules are prepared on a three-month cycle. Parishioners     interested in this ministry are asked to discuss their interest with our pastor.

Liturgical Altar Linen Care:   Bonnie MacAulay:  912-355-1523

Volunteers of Altar Linen Care maintain and care for the sacred linens used during liturgical services.                Each person is responsible for taking care of the linens one month of the year.

St. James Flower Guild: Karen Dills  355-1523

The mission of the St. James Flower Guild is to honor and praise God through the art of flower/flowering plant arrangements throughout the liturgical year, and especially during the High Holy Days.

Sacristan: Patti Odom:  912-355-1523

The Sacristan coordinates care of priestly vestments, church appointments, candles, chalices, holy water, and maintains supplies of wine and hosts for
liturgical celebration.

Ushers: Mark Miller:  351-9244

Ushers are responsible for all collections, reserving pews, and assisting with the flow of the congregation during the liturgy. They provide a welcoming presence to parishioners and visitors as they enter church for Mass, and give information as needed

Perpetual Adoration Chapel:  Coordinator-Josie Lee:  355-2511

The Lumen Christi Adoration Chapel belongs to the Deanery of Savannah.  All Catholics and members of other faiths are invited to participate in this important opportunity to deepen our community’s prayer life.

Would you be willing to spend just one hour in prayer with  Jesus each week?  Please consider taking advantage of this privilege of watching and praying with your Lord and Savior in this special way.