How Can I Serve? Our Lord — Our Church — Our Community

“As children of God, every aspect of our parish life is fueled by our individual spirituality. This adds a continuous vigor to the Christian life here at St. James. With deep respect for the sacredness of life, and in communion with all of God’s creature, we are called to be living examples of Christ’s love through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Nourished by the Word and Eucharist, we foster a warm and welcoming environment to all. We must rouse one another to love and good works, and use our gifts to encourage and comfort one another as brother and sister.” (St. James Mission Statement, Oct. 1992)

Christ’s disciples recognize that their material and spiritual blessings are gifts from God to help fulfill his plan. “Every worthwhile gift, every genuine benefit comes from above.” (Jas. 1:17)

Jesus taught us about being his disciples. “Then Jesus called the crowd and his disciples to him. ‘If anyone wants to come with me,’ he told them, ‘he must forget himself, carry his cross, and follow me.’” (Mark 8:34). Jesus’ life was one of service and total self-giving. As his followers, we must be willing to deny ourselves and return to him some of the gifts he has given to us.   How we use our God-given talents and resources proves the degree of our commitment to the Lord.