Parish Staff & Councils

Meet Our Priests

Very Reverend Daniel F. Firmin, JCL, VG


Reverend Peter Lanshima

Parochial Vicar

Reverend Patrick May

Parochial Vicar

Meet Our Deacon

Deacon Lou Santore


Parish Financial Council

The Financial Council has short term and long term responsibilities. The council handles short term operations such as weekly envelope and cash contributions, special collections, diocesan appeals, school and church attendance, parish census, record keeping, income/expenditure analyses, and data bank updating. Long term, the council is involved with budgetary and financial planning, investments, and forecasting future financial needs of the parish.

An integral part of both the short and long term operations concerns our physical plant needs. We have established a Physical Plant Committee with advisory responsibility for all property: church, school, rectory, parish center, parking, and grounds. This includes review and updating of short term maintenance contracts, and planning for major physical plant refurbishing.

Members of the financial council are appointed by the pastor.

  • 2017-2020 Council:

    Tim Beers
    Beth Tarjan
    Marc Mascolo
    Gregg Schroeder
    Mike Walters

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Council represents the wider parish community and has the task of assisting our parish staff in evaluating, recommending and prioritizing the spiritual and social activities of the parish.

Members are both elected and appointed.

  • President:
    Stephen Hotard
  • Cluster Representatives:
    Religious Education: Ellen Pinckney
    Saint James Catholic School: Kindall O’Neil
    Worship: Bob Bartholomew
    Parish Life: Matt Keck
    Christian Services: Kevin Dutton
  • Elected Members (2019-2021):
    Mike Holmes
    Lisa Muller
    Lou Reisman
  • Appointed Members (2019-2021):
    Wendy Namias
    Erin Steele
    Daniel Winters
  • Ex Officio Members:
    Fr. Daniel Firmin
    Fr. Peter Lanshima
    Fr. Patrick May
    St. James School Principal: Sr. Lisa Golden, IHM
    St. James Convent Representative: Sr. Carolyn Braun, IHM
    Director of Evangelization and Religious Education: Sr. Emily Vincent, IHM

St James the Less Catholic Church

St. James the Less Catholic Church
8412 Whitefield Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 31406
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Office Hours: M–F | 9A – 5P

  • Church Office

    912 355 1523
  • FAX

    912 353 7226
  • School Office

    912 355 3132
  • Early Learning Center

    912 629 2430
  • Convent

    912 355 6815